Execution – Silently it grows


Emerging from the sewers of Melbourne, EXECUTION finally unveil their phase 3 assault, SILENTLY IT GROWS. This record highlights their sporadic and hectic nature both in song writing and production, as no song sits comfortable for too long. Tempo changes, abrasive fills, and obscure structures are to be found. Gathering inspiration from a caustic handful of Italian psychos such as WRETCHED, DECLINO, CCM, UNDERAGE and more, execution blend it down to a demented Australian byproduct. Recorded by HCV resident recordist JOSHUA WELLS and mastered by the one and only NOISE ROOM. Accompanying this noisy bit of wax is a folded sleeve jacket with cut and paste art reminiscent of early S.K.V! All to give the full audio visual bombardment the listener deserves. This is collaboration release between friends and long time collaborators HARDCORE VICTIMS and MIRACLE CORTEX.

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